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About Us

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Tri-State Seed Company is a limited liability corporation that is fully owned by Dana Herron, Craig Teel, and Tri-Cities Grain. Tri-Cities Grain is in turn owned by Tidewater Barge Lines headquartered in Vancouver, WA, Northwest Grain Growers, Walla Walla, WA and Central Washington Grain Growers, Waterville, WA. Tidewater is the largest barge shipping company on the Columbia and Snake River system. “The diversity and managerial experience of Tri-State Seed’s owners gives us the ability to understand all aspects of the operation of a multifaceted seed company,” says Teel. “Agricultural production in the Eastern Washington region includes a wide variety of crops and farming methods that must be understood for us to provide the level of service we are committed to providing to our customers.” Shared Responsibilities Dana Herron, Owner/Operations Manager, says the company’s reputation depends on each of its employees fulfilling their responsibilities to each other, to their suppliers and customers, to the marketplace and to the communities in which they do business. “We believe that conducting business legally and ethically is an essential part of our goal of becoming the preferred seed company in the area,” Herron says. “Integrity comes before all else. It means doing the right thing every day, doing what we say we will, being a company that customers and stakeholders can trust, and providing quality products and services consistent with our commitments.”


Tri-State Seed Company LLC Diversified ownership brings passion for integrity and accountability Tri-State Seed was established March, 2006 for retail and wholesale marketing of wheat, canola, triticale, forage and grass seeds. “The mission of Tri-State Seed is to provide customers with high quality grain and reclamation grass seed,” says Owner and General Manager Craig Teel. “We also offer production contracts for grain seed, canola seed, reclamation grass seed and turf grass seed.” Tri-State Seed’s core revenues come from grass seed placement for other seed companies, seed wheat sales and reclamation seed sales. Corn acre placement and canola acre placement are secondary revenue sources. “We believe in the customer first,” Teel says. “Service beyond the sale is an important component of Tri-State Seed’s success.”