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Washingrton  State Certified


Spring Wheat

Dark Northern Spring- Gunsight,  Cabernet, Basalt, Chet, Glee,  Bullseye, Kelse, Buck Pronto, Express,

Soft White Spring- Tekoa, Louise, Diva, Whit, Ryan, JD (Club), Melba (Club) Alturas

Hard White Spring- Dayn

Winter Wheat

Hard Red Winter- Rebelde, Jet, Clearstone, AP503CL Sequoia

Soft White Winter-  Puma, Duet, Jasper, Otto, Curiosity, Mela, Resilience, ORCF 102, Xerpha, Eltan, Command, Bruehl (Club), Crescent (Club) Pritchett (Club)


Spring Barley-Lovina, Lenetah, Bob, 

Cover Crop

Bin Run, Clean, Certified, Treat, No-Treat, Bulk, Bagged


Trical G-3, Trical 336, Trical 102, Trical 815, Trical 103 BB,  Trical 141(Spring), Trimark 099 (Grain type) Fredro (Grain type)


Shooting Star, Monida, Otana, Everleaf 114, EverLeaf 126


Alforex- Trifecta 2, AFX Hi-Gest 360, AFX 460 Hi-Gest

Forage Genetics Int-



Hybrid, Sorghum Sudan BMR Hybrid (Low Lignin), Photo Period Sensitive Hybrid, High Prussic Acid, Low Prussic Acid

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